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The Back Of My Burning Hand

by The Pitch

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Build 03:55
If I ever get to see another sunrise I'll celebrate with you. If I could recover all forsaken I think I'd stop and breathe with you. But our brotherhood's a wreck and in shambles And continues to desecrate. There's scandal next to satire Conscripted in our fate. Well this is what I came for, you and your mistakes. Where everybody's hurting, and everyone's to blame. If I ever get another moment's notice I'd admire the color of your eyes. I was a shell without a shot, a machine that I am not And then I died. 'Cuz inside you there's a fountain Spewing bloodletter consecrations. Your grayscale god hums in mono, the only broadcasting for miles and hours for days and states, your world. Well this is what I came for, you and your mistakes. This is all that I can handle, the trials and the breaks. We're all your mouth can swallow, all that you can embrace. The vomit that you sleep in, the wreckage and the fever, the panacean flame. Run, run by the river. You're no Atlas, baby dove. Fly, fly by the gullwing.
Moving moons, unaware Making sure that you were unafraid Caught under water Sunlight in bottles Our captives hollow And you're not there Further still, everywhere Polyurethane and strands of hair Stranded there I traded loneliness for her fear Low rise in my gut, I got it out of her Oh, lovely how it's a virtue Please don't be gone, we won't know lies Stranded with the strongest fabric Low rise in my gut, I cut it out of her Not if you're going to drop the torches We'll all be strong, we all know why
Pneuma 07:43
I'm strep tonight with my old nature in the back of my throat Each time I try and wretch it out, I choke It's burning my insides an ulcer for bleeding On what you can't see is inside my thoughts are cleaning You've cured my ailments You've settled my deepest disease And you've taken apart all my insides And you've given me all I need. I'm out tonight and I'm racing and riding on fire Your spirit dwells inside, it's not me who's out of breath Can I die tonight? Can I cut off that person completely? So that inside me your spirit can breathe? And we died to our burdens all at once Rotten parcel on both our sides I'm gearing up to just not try To submit to this world's lie Sinking, bleeding, some with time Lessons wasted, every cry Seven-fold rebate grace runs high. You've cured my ailments You've settled my deepest disease And you, you've shown yourself through my brothers And when I break, when I break you carry me. You've taken apart all my insides You've shown me all I need And all that is glory, all that is yours is forever All that is glory, all is yours forever
Sold 05:10
Sat my life a stranger To even those with closest ties. Contemplated each decision carefully. I never got a pardon, and it's hard for me to look into the eyes, Of all those dying to destroy me. I follow in the footsteps of some guys I know who I'm pretty sure could conquer the world. They motivate mountains to scream loudly. Each night I wait so patiently, like a kid fixated in the dark. Casting horizons faithfully, which side of town will rise the sun. And when it rises on my side, when it rises on my side, on my side, I'm sold. I listen to the radio and this suicidal guy he's singing my diary. Sometimes I break a sweat at reminders. I really should just turn it off, but hearing it again's a fascinating reverie. A trance from glowing so bright it's blinding. I really can't turn it off, not now, it's gut-wrenching, heart-breaking home to me. I should've left 'em in the snow for someone else's finding.
A Frontier 04:32
Start of the day, runners take their marks The race starts with a bang! A pretty penny in my eye drips out As two bombs collide and then the rain My life was in that hour as everything As all support went up in smoke Decisions tossed in the wrong direction As a joke Decisions made without regard Am I the only one trying this hard? As if you've got no life ahead There's poison in the water you tread The minute comes when opposites arrive The little warmth left leaks as tears I feel a pop that stops the clock The rest of the racers don't know mirrors My skin stretched thin and patience gone My anger and a match combine Now heads are tails, the bill's in the mail You tackled the wrong wildcat this time Decisions made without regard Am I the only one trying this hard? Now at least your blinders are gone But look at the ground your face is on!


Recorded in Urbana, IL in 2004-2005, The Pitch's second release features an eclectic mix ranging from rock, hardcore, acoustic, and even an old hymn. The song "Loneliness Is A Virtue" features lyrical and vocal collaboration with Eric Toledo of the Quiet Hounds.


released March 3, 2005


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The Pitch San Diego, California

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